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Welcome to Think Again, my first mental health series on this blog. After starting my Bsc Mental Health Nursing degree in September my life has been pretty much surrounded by mental health. A lot has changed since September. I’ve seen more vomit, poo and blood than you could imagine and my friends now seem to think I’m a qualified psychotherapist who can answer their every problem. But more than that I’ve learnt A LOT about what Mental Health really means and the taboos and stigma that so many people deal with on a daily basis.

In the last nine months I’ve spent a total of 18 weeks on placement, that’s two community placements and one acute inpatient ward. In that time I’ve come into contact with so many service users, doctors, nurses, carers, social workers, advocates, volunteers, family members and occupational therapists amongst so many others but I can’t help but feel it’s all a bit clinical. I’m no expert in the mental health field but there’s still a lot to be desired when it comes to person centred care. It’s so easy to forget about the individual, to not recognise that there’s a person behind that illness. That’s what has persuaded me to create this series. I want you to read about my experiences and I want to read about yours so we can break down taboos together and think about each other before we judge based on the words personality disorder or hear that someone self harms.

Over the next couple of weeks there are going to be numerous posts going up on the blog covering everything from well known disorders like anxiety and depression to the lesser known topic of emetophobia and everything in between. For me the most important part of this mental health series is to break down the stigma by simply talking about mental health.

I’ve called the series Think Again because mental health issues demand more than a few seconds of our time. We need to think again about the prejudices we hold surrounding mental health and educate ourselves on the different forms it can take. And to think again about those in need of our support or when we need support ourselves.

Finally I will leave you with a few resources that you might find useful if you or a loved one is currently struggling with a mental illness or you just want some more info!

Time to Change




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