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Zoe works with STITCH, an agency which researches for Mental Health Support Networks in order to signpost people to better mental health services. Here, Zoe talks all about her work with STITCH.


I didn’t always understand mental health, when a close family member suffered with a bout of serious depression, I still did not understand mental health. I can remember the feeling of isolation. We didn’t know what to do, how to get it sorted or who to turn to.

There wasn’t a quick fix, the GPs provided medication that had their own set of side effects, the psychiatrists and nurses weren’t always sympathetic. My loved one moved around charities and organisations looking for the right support for her, repeating her story each time to no avail; this was distressing. The journey to recovery for my loved one was a long one, but she made it. The journey would have been less turbulent if we had known where to turn and which resources would have been most effective.

According to Mind, 1 in 4 people suffer with mental health problems.

Since working with STITCH, a research & marketing agency who have been commissioned by NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG to research mental health services in the area. I have spent considerable time with my colleagues speaking to those with mental health concerns and their carers who also need support.


Our research has unveiled wonderful support networks, proving that there is support out there, but since the information online and from the GPs is so fragmented those in need aren’t discovering the support networks early enough, if at all. We need to start talking about mental health so people know where to turn – this is where YouinMind comes in.

Kate Carney, managing director of STITCH and founder of mental health platform, YouinMind states: “Support providers are not always trained in marketing and communications, as a result service users can’t find them, so there is a lower uptake. Everyone gets frustrated and commissioners feel there is no need and so services get cut.”

Our research has highlighted that there is, without doubt an abundance of people not knowing where to turn, but also groups of people in agreement that “once you get the right support, you’ve cracked it.” This is great…but where are we supposed to go or the right support?

YouinMind is an online platform currently under development. YouinMind, founded by STITCH director, Kate Carney is here to address this need.


You can find it on Twitter @YouinMind_org, or e-mail

We are currently looking for mental health support providers – charities, organisations counsellors, support groups, courses etc to list on the website for free.

We need to start talking about mental health and we need to find a way so that those with mental health concerns can be easily signposted to the support that they need for their individual situation.

Get in touch today!    @STITCH_DigDeep    @YouinMind_org



My personal experience with mental health started when I needed to support a close family member through her depression.

Despite this I feel that my knowledge of mental health didn’t really grow until I became a research and marketer for STITCH Dig Deep earlier this year. STITCH are working on behalf of Eastern Cheshire CCG to find out how the mental health services in this area can be improved. STITCH have spoken with a range of mental health service users and their carers who also need help and support.

I am passionate about the importance of mental health and helping others find the support that they need. It is a pleasure to mix this passion with work. STITCH’s research has unveiled a need for YouinMind, a mental health support platform founded by Kate Carney. I’m excited to share what YouinMind do and how you can all get involved.



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  1. September 6, 2016 / 11:21 pm

    This is a wonderful post – it’s so important that people get the correct help when they need it! What a great company.

    Vee ♥

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