Depression: How Are You Feeling?

Depression: How Are You Feeling?

Describing depression is not an easy task. And for people that haven’t experienced depression it can be impossible to find the words to explain how you’re feeling to them.

So this week I asked my lovely Twitter followers to explain how depression feels to them.

Hopefully this helps you feel a little less alone or to help you articulate to your family member/doctor/anyone what you’re going through.


“Like you’re stuck inside your own claustrophobic bubble yet there is such an atmosphere of vast emptiness. I feel like some force has drained me of hope. Everything is dark.”

“Like someone controlling you, tricking you into giving everything up.”

“Empty, being stuck, wanting a release from the torture of my mind and feeling like I’m stuck down an empty well.”

“Empty, numbness and lonely.”

“Like a heavy blanket wrapped around me, weighing me down and dulling my senses. Feeling flat and empty.”


“Like I’m alone in the world but at same time i want to be alone. Unloved. Hurting. No hope and lost of purpose in my life.”

“lonely, so intensely lonely. No self-worth//confidence. I’m an entirely different person now compared to how I used to be. It’sĀ like a constant battle between thoughts in my mind.”


“Like I’m lost. Simply just lost.”

“Like I’m surrounded by a thick fog and I can’t find my way.”

“Like I’ve fallen into a vacuum which I can’t see any way out of and can’t feel anything inside.”


“Like absolute numbness for me. I don’t care about anything. Like anything could happen and I don’t care either way.”

“it’s both numbing and crushing at the same time. Like I’m wrapped in cotton wool but it’s suffocating. Roaring in my ears. if my anxiety is particularly bad at the time then there’s a pain in my chest like I can’t breathe but I can’t seem to care”

Lack of Interest

“Depression feels like putting all the things you love aside because you feel you can’t enjoy them in the state you are in and they don’t cheer you up anymore.”


“I would describe it like the feeling you would have if someone very close to you died and you were mourning the death of that person but the grief never ended.”

A Constant

“It feels like when you dream that you’re falling and you wake up, disoriented. Gravity is crushing your chest as it pulls you downward. But when you open your eyes there is nothing there. It’s constant battle between the weight of falling and nothingness.”

“To me depression feels like a constant headache. A constant throbbing and buzz. The uncontrollable repetition of irrational worries send you into overdrive, whilst determination andĀ  an interest in life is sucked out of you. It’s like being the rope in a game of tug of war. It’s frustrating and exhausting. It’s high pressure. It’s isolating. It stifling. It’s terrifying.”

“Depression feels like someone controlling you, tricking you into giving everything up.”


If you want more info or are looking for support here are some great resources:


The Blurt Foundation

Depression UK

Rachel x-x-x



  1. September 26, 2016 / 8:08 am

    I feel all of them right now. It really helps when people go through the same things as you do. Thank you. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.

  2. September 28, 2016 / 7:12 pm

    Great post – it is very hard to articulate depression or for me, it’s my anxiety – I can never decide the right words or phrasing to get what I’m feeling across. You’re such a gem for providing this for people with depression.

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