5 Things I Love

5 Things I Love

Today I was sitting drinking my cup of coffee thinking about the things I love. I wrote a post the other about 50 Happy Things but I didn’t really delve into them in any kind of detail. So today I wanted to pick out 5 things that I love, really love. 5 things that I’m truly passionate about. Both so you can find out a bit more about it and also to get you thinking about the things you love too.


This is kind of a no brainer for me. For the last 12 years of my life, anytime someone has asked me what I enjoy I say German. It probably sounds quite strange if you’re not a languages freak like I am but German has been a huge passion of mine since I was 12. Sure, the 4 years that I actually did a degree in it I probably wouldn’t have said I loved it quite so much but in hindsight I really did. I love the literature, the words, the cities. I love everything about German and Germany. In the last year and a half while I’ve been doing my nursing degree German has taken a bit of a backseat but recently I’ve been trying to get back into it. Languages are a general love of mine anyway but German will always have a special place in my heart.


Grey’s Anatomy

Oh Grey’s Anatomy, what can I say? Grey’s never appealed to me really. I just knew it as a medical drama but when I’d run out of things to watch on Netflix on my year abroad I decided to give it a try. And I fell in love. I think on some level Grey’s fills me with a lot of nostalgia of living in Germany and that’s why I love it so much. And to some it might just be another trashy American show but I love the way it tackles issues that hadn’t really been talked about on TV before. Not to mention the incredible cast.


I never really knew I loved animals. Is that a weird thing to say? In fact I think they’ve grown on me as the years have gone on. As a child I was so terrified of dogs that I would walk into the road to get away from one coming towards me on the path. Then we got our own dog, lovely little Pepsi and I became the world’s biggest dog fan. Now I love all creatures great and small (not spiders) and one day I’d love to volunteer at an Elephant sanctuary. I’m a big believer that we need to do everything we can to protect our endangered species and as a vegetarian I try my best where I can!


People are often surprised when I say that I used to have musical theatre singing lessons, probably because they can’t imagine me up on a stage! (Neither can I!) But I just love musicals. As a child I always loved them, whether it was Mary Poppins on a rainy Sunday afternoon or older ones like Oklahoma! that my Dad would have on in the background. But it wasn’t until I saw The Sound of Music on the West End that I desperately wanted singing lessons. That’s when my passion for musicals really started. Sometimes I wish I could just live in a musical where people would burst into song and I think I like them so much because they’re a great escape from reality.


I don’t talk about travelling much on my blog because I’m severely lacking the funds to do it right now. But I can assure you that as soon as my degree is over I hope to be jetsetting all over the place. As a child I was lucky enough that my parents took me on many a European holiday and I know that’s where my love of travelling comes from and if I could spend 6 months living in each country for the rest of my life I would be very happy.

What are you passionate about? Let me know in the comments!

Rachel x-x-x


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