Resolving To Be Happy

Resolving To Be Happy

For a long time I thought happiness and positivity were synonymous. I thought it was impossible to be one without the other and that I needed both all the time.

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There are no set determiners to tell us when we will finally be happy enough. Hitting your pageview goal will make you happy but then it will make you want more. Getting a good mark in an essay will make you feel great but soon you will be just as worried about the next deadline. Novelties wear off. Happiness wears off and it’s just not attainable to live in a constant state of happiness.

It was only recently when I read Camus’ quote on happiness that something finally clicked in my brain.

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

This quotation really resonated with me. I spend a lot of time doing what I think will make me happy in the long term and rarely focus on what will make me happy presently. Why?

Because we’re constantly told that we ‘need’ to be happy. We’re told that goods will make us happy, being thinner, eating well, doing social activities, drinking alcohol, not drinking alcohol, wearing makeup, not wearing makeup, will make us happy. And blindly, we go along with it. Maybe I don’t speak for everyone here but I know that I do this.

So in 2017 I’ve decided that instead of looking for happiness, I’m going to acknowledge that I’ve already found happiness. I just need to spend more time doing the things that give me happiness. Maybe it just sounds like a case of semantics but I firmly believe that changing my perspective on happiness will make me happier, both short term and long term.

So instead of New Year’s Resolutions I’ve made a list of things to do more of:

  • Challenge myself (blog, uni, confidence, everything – I actually love challenging myself to do things, it genuinely makes me happy).
  • Go to the gym (Purely because of those amazing endorphins that it releases).
  • Write a diary (I always forget to do this and I always regret it so I know writing a diary will make me happier.
  • Be a nicer person (Because being nice and sharing love makes me truly happy.

There are loads more things than this that I can think of but for now, these are the main ones. What truly makes you happy? Do you find that you’re constantly searching for happiness?


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