Unique Experiences Create Unique Content

Unique Experiences Create Unique Content

The world is big. There are 7 billion of us on the world’s surface. Whilst cultures vary significantly we also share a lot of the same experiences, come to many of the same conclusions and on a smaller level, write about the same opinions on the same topics.

Does this invalidate our content? No, it doesn’t.

Recently I’ve seen numerous blog posts on smear test experiences. Are they similar? Sure! Are they the same? No. They’re unique, just like the writers. And it’s great that more and more people are breaking the taboo of talking about smear tests, and personally I love hearing about the individual experiences, the good and the bad, because they all have a unique voice and experience to share.

A friend recently tweeted that she didn’t feel that she could write a post about a specific topic because she’s not part of the group of bloggers that write about that specific topic. Why are we making people feel as though they can’t express their views just because some people write about a certain topic more frequently?

A few months ago I made a Twitter account with the intent of starting a chat or a community on a specific topic. But I soon saw that someone had beaten me to something similar and so, in my disappointment I left my Twitter account to die a death.

Because I knew (or thought) that mine wouldn’t be as good. I don’t fit in a specific clique so I decided that maybe I should just stay in my box. It might not have been the best but it would have been mine.

Why are we denying ourself the right to create what we want for fear of a saturated market?

I write for fun so I certainly shouldn’t be letting my fear override my desire to write what I want. So the last few posts sitting in my drafts might be a little different to what I usually write because the only person being affected by this fear at the end of the day, is me (or you, if you’re reading this and nodding).

To the people pushing through and creating content without fear, you are inspirational.

You content is just as valuable as anyone else’s. Your views are valid and your thoughts (whether or not they’ve been visited by others) are welcomed, always.

Do you shy any from content that you’ve seen others write? Let me know in the comments!

Rachel x-x-x


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  1. April 10, 2017 / 3:47 am

    I love that you wrote this post! I think we do filter some things while blogging just because of our fear of how things will be perceived. Thank you for the inspiration to write what you want! Good for you for going for it and posting what you want to!

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