Getting Out Of A Reading Slump

Getting Out Of A Reading Slump

So far this year I’ve read 12 books in about as many weeks. But the last few weeks I just haven’t felt like reading. It’s easier to stick Netflix on sometimes, right?

Reading slumps are hard to overcome. Sometimes I can go weeks or even months without opening up a book and then I panic over all that wasted time because there’ll never be enough time to read every book in the world??? (Is this just me?)

I can firmly say that I’m back on the reading wagon now so here are my top tips for getting out of a reading slump.


I’ve decided to put away £2 for every book I finish this year, which means that I’ve already racked up £24. Not a huge amount but it definitely gives me an incentive to read when I’d rather just watch Fuller House. I think we all know what’s a better use of my time…

Switch Books

If I’m not loving a book by the time I’m a third of the way through, I ditch it. Life is too short for rubbish books so switch it up and find something else you’ll enjoy. Reading shouldn’t be a chore!

Try Something New

As most people do, I stick to the same genres time after time. Usually I read thrillers and non-fiction and not a lot else however recently I’ve started a historical fiction novel and I’m really enjoying it. So, find a book you wouldn’t normally read and give it a go. Or get a recommendation from a friend and just go for it!


Rereading is a great way to get back into reading. Choose something you loved as a child or just an all time favourite novel. It will be a nice mix of nostalgia and a way to get you reading again.

Short Stories

If I ever feel like I just can’t be bothered to start a new book, I’ll read a short story, or even some poetry. Reading is such a nice relaxing activity but it doesn’t need to come with the stress of not having time to read a whole novel!

What have you been reading recently? What’s your go-to way to get out of a reading slump? Let me know in the comments!

Rachel x-x-x


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