What does community mean anyway?

What does community mean anyway?

Something I see thrown around a lot in the blogosphere is this concept of ‘community’, which sadly gets translated to ‘cliques’ more often than it should.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never really fit into a specific community in real life but I find it hard to relate when people say that they don’t belong in the blogging community. As introverted as I am, I like to stand out for who I am. In real life, my life doesn’t fit into one category, so why should my blog?

So when people say that they don’t belong to a community, are they putting that badge on themselves? I know that when I’ve thought I don’t belong to the community of mental health bloggers, I’ve reflected on it and come to the conclusion that it’s probably only me who doesn’t think of myself as a mental health blogger. Just because I’m not being nominated for awards and I’m not in a load of group chats, doesn’t reflect on what I blog about.

Once again, I feel like I’m just rambling, but hopefully someone understands!

It’s never nice to feel as though you’re unwanted and just ask any blogger, they’ve all got a story¬†about feeling left out in the blogging community but I think part of it comes down to the way we’re viewing other bloggers.

Blogging has made me feel more a part of a community than I’ve ever felt in my life. Through school and university I was always an outsider. I was always that person who would rather stay home and read a book than go out to a party but I’ve never had as many friends as I do now. And they really are my friends. I finally have people that I feel comfortable saying that I’ve had a crap day to or being able to talk about things I love like books and musicals because I’ve never had that.

When it feels like everyone around you has closer friendships and fits into the community more than you do, don’t forget that everything is amplified on social media.

People moan and groan about the blogging community being negative and full of cliques but whenever I tweet something less than positive I get so many responses from other bloggers offering their support. We have to stop dwelling on the negative and love the blogging community for what it is.

If you’re a new blogger then join chats and Facebook groups of other bloggers. Engage with people, read their blogs and comment. Everyone’s been that new blogger who feels like they don’t have any friends but blogging is amazing because there’s a wealth of people who feel like you feel. So get stuck in because even if you feel awkward (and I do, 100% of the time), none of it is as scary as real life friendships and real life communities, and you’ve managed life this far!

Rachel x-x-x


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  1. May 3, 2017 / 5:19 pm

    I think as people get older and grow into themselves, “cliques” or communities change, and we find ones that accept us and love us for who we are. At least, that has been my experience.
    However, I think it is absolutely normal to feel alone, especially as an introvert. And, at times, alone is ok. Alone can be really selfishly wonderful.


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