Brewin’ up at T2 Victoria Gate

When T2 asked if I’d like to pop along for a tea masterclass at their Leeds Victoria Gate store I jumped at the chance. We all know I’m a coffee addict and I do like tea but definitely not as much, so I was intrigued to see if they could persuade to come over to the dark side.

When I arrived, the table was all set up ready for my tea masterclass which is very exciting and I don’t think I’ve ever had my name on a chalkboard before so there was some extra excitement there.

First I tried some of the teas on offer. My favourite was the pumping pomegranate. Before the masterclass I’d only really tried fruit tea in teabags but the loose leaf was a totally different experience.

Gigi was my tea expert for the day so she took me through all the different kinds of tea that T2 sell and where different teas come from. I learnt so much about tea and even though I’m a coffee girl at heart, it was so interesting to find out more about something we drink all the time without a second thought.

Next we turned our attention to making some teas ourselves. It was a boiling hot day so I was itching for an iced tea and so we set to work, first making a warm Oolong Berry and then a cold one. Both were so delicious.

Then we made a a hot choc chip chai with a hint of some loose leaf chilli kiss which I absolutely loved.

Finally I learnt about matcha. I’ve only had one matcha drink before which was a matcha latte and I hated it. It tasted like spinach to me and I just wasn’t loving it at all. Gigi promised me that she could make me love matcha so we made a warm matcha latte and then a cold matcha drink which I garnished with lemon and thyme.

Both of the matcha drinks were really nice and I was so surprised by the difference in taste. I also learnt loads about matcha. I had no idea that a cup of matcha is way more caffeinated than a cup of coffee so it’ll keep you awake all day if you have one in the morning, so you won’t suffer than mid-afternoon caffeine slump.

Huge thank you to T2 at Victoria Gate who really knew their stuff and were able to answer all of my tea related questions. They also gave me the cutest little tea infuser and a box of the choc chip chai which was my favourite, so I can make nice teas all the time at home.

Rachel x-x-x


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