48 Hours in Geneva Part 1

48 Hours in Geneva Part 1

In May I was lucky enough to spend a weekend in the beautiful Swiss city of Geneva. I’d visited Geneva when I was around 8, just as a day trip whilst on another holiday and as far as I can remember we only visited the Aquarium, so Geneva didn’t exactly leave a lasting impression on me.

My uni girls and I booked the trip before Christmas so that we had something to look forward to while we were slogging our way through placement and university. We picked Geneva based on it having the cheapest flights from Manchester on our chosen weekend although we knew it’d be pretty pricey once we arrived.

We stayed at the Résidence Studio Genève Centre which was a super cheap, really basic hotel. Perfect if you’re not planning to stay in the room much but not so good if you want a bit of luxury, however it was fine for us. Just as a word of warning, this hotel was in the heart of Geneva’s red light district. It didn’t feel unsafe whatsoever but if you don’t like the thought of men propositioning you as you walk to and from the hotel at any hour of the day then there are plenty of other hotels elsewhere.

We arrived in Geneva around 2pm, so after dropping our bags off we went in search of the Jet D’eau, Geneva’s most famous landmark.

Lake Geneva is absolutely beautiful and other than a slightly flash flood, the weather was gorgeous for the whole weekend we were there.

After taking more than enough pictures of the jet we headed into the old town attempting to scout out some cocktails. Geneva’s old town (Vieille Ville), is a wonderfully traditional looking area of the city filled with cute little high street cafés, restaurants and museums, as well as some very upmarket shops.

As we walked around the old town, we spotted Saint Peter’s Cathedral. Don’t be fooled if you’re not a churchy person, St Peter’s has some of the best views of Geneva. It costs 5 CHF which is about £4 to go up to the top and it’s so worth it.

After our jaunt up the hundreds of cathedral steps we were pretty thirsty (a jug of Sangria was totally necessary) and then we made our way back to our hotel to get prettied up for some evening drinks.

If it’s nightlife you’re looking for in a weekend away then Geneva probably isn’t the best place. But it does have some lovely little bars and pubs. Food and drink is expensive, almost double the price of a meal in England, but if you do a bit of research before you go like we did, you can keep costs down if that’s what you’re looking for.

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