Book Review: Stalker by Lars Kepler

Book Review: Stalker by Lars Kepler

A film arrives at the National Criminal Investigation Department in Stockholm. It shows a woman, alive, being filmed through the window of her house. She does not know she is being watched. The police don’t take it seriously. Until she is found dead.

When the next video arrives, Detective Margot Silverman frantically searches for any way of identifying the victim. But it is already too late. Because at the time the video was sent, the subject was already facing the terrifying final moments of their life. And without anything to link the victims, the police are powerless to help them.

There isn’t much that I love more than a gritty thriller. But there is one thing, and that’s a gritty Scandinavian thriller. It must run in the family because my Mum is a die-hard Wallander fan. I hadn’t heard of Lars Kepler before I read Stalker, but I’ll definitely be reading some of the earlier books in the Joona Linna series (Stalker is #5.)

Lars Kepler is actually the pseudonym of two Swedish writers, husband and wife, Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril, so I’m also excited to check out more of their individual novels.

Stalker already peaked my interest due to the subject matter. I love a crime novel regardless of the topic but books about stalking particularly interest me, solely because I find the concept of stalking absolutely terrifying.

The book is long and whilst I’m always open to reading a longer novel, I did feel like the plot dragged a little around the earlier chapters. However the second half of the book was incredibly thrilling and I whizzed through the final parts.

An aspect I particularly loved were the strong female characters. Unlike many crime novels, the book featured not just one but a whole host of strong females with their own plots.

I truly loved this novel. I read so many thrillers that I often find they’re all very similar and not actually very scary but with Stalker this wasn’t the case at all. The storyline was very different from anything I’ve read for a long time and I actually had to start another book alongside it to read at bedtime, because I was too scared to read this at night.

Stalker is absolutely terrifying in all the right ways and a perfect accompaniment to any Scandi noir lover’s bookshelf.

Rachel x-x-x


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