Friday Favourites

Friday Favourites

5 Favourite Reads

Passing Thoughts #1 – Lauren Evie

I love everything Lauren writes but I especially loved this post of unedited notes she has written down anywhere she could find space. I do this all the time, almost always with the intention of fleshing my thoughts out into a blog post, which never happens. This post is the loveliest insight into a writer’s brain.

I Had A Makeover! – Twenty Something Meltdown

When Gwennan announced that Twenty Something Meltdown was going to be down for a few days while she redesigned, I thought I might wither away from not being able to read her blog. Thankfully, Gwennan remained delightfully active on social media so I just about coped for the time her blog was under construction. Then, with a bang, Twenty Something Meltdown returned and it was fabulous. So go check out this post to see what’s changed and how it all went down.

Hello.. I’m Back – Sweet Peas and Lavender

Tori has spent the last few months lamenting that she hasn’t blogged for ages on our group chat but after a wonderful redesign she’s back! The new look is so nice and she’s come up with the cutest new blog name so get over to Sweet Peas and Lavender to check out all the new content.

Defining Moments – Natalie Leanne

My favourite blog posts are ones that leave me reflecting, so I loved this post by Natalie. I love reading about other people’s lives (because I’m really nosy) but I really liked that this post forced me to think about my own defining moments.

Current Favourite Cookbooks – Spare Oom Blog

I am a big fan of a nice cookbook, even if I tend to cook the same 10 meals on rotation. (We all do that, don’t we?) I already own A Modern Way to Cook which is one of my favourites but the Madeleine Shaw books look fab too. I’m always on the lookout for healthy-ish recipes.

4 Nice Things That Happened

I had 2 sick days off this week, so although that wasn’t nice in itself, I napped A LOT which was truly wonderful.

I made myself a blog schedule so there’ll be lots more content coming your way.

My sick days meant that I also had time to read more than usual so I managed to read 3 books this week (I finished off The Hate U Give, devoured Last Seen Alive in one day and read an unusual debut novel, The Thing We Thought We Knew).

I hit 4000 Twitter followers!

3 Shows To Watch

Diana, Our Mother: Her Life & Legacy

Diana mesmerises me. I think she was so interesting and I am loving all the Diana tv content that’s out at the moment. I watched this with very low expectations because I thought that I didn’t really care what Wills and Harry had to say about their mother but I actually really enjoyed it and it gave me a really different perspective of what their lives must have been like growing up in such an unconventional environment.

To The Bone

I put off watching this film about anorexia when it came out because I wanted to be able to give it my total attention, rather than having it on in the background. While I liked the film I think that it was wholly problematic so I might have to get some words down for a longer review of it. However, if you don’t find the subject matter triggering then the film itself is a reasonable watch.

2 Songs To Listen To

How Far I’ll Go – Auli’i Cravalho

I know I’m months behind with this but Disney isn’t really my thing (don’t kill me). Then I heard this song come up on my Spotify radio and had no clue what it was until I looked at the title. Now it’s on repeat all day so I’m just waiting for Brandon to get sick of it.

Aloha from Hawaii – Elvis Presley

I’m only a week in and I already feel like I’m cheating by choosing a whole album. But having spent part of my week helping out some dementia patients, there has been a whole lot of Elvis around. I even got the pleasure of watching his Aloha from Hawaii concert from 1973, and I now totally understand the Elvis love. I am thoroughly a convert to the King.

1 Goal

My bullet journal has fallen by the wayside in the past week so this week I need to pick it up again and get on top of life!


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