The Paradox of Blogging

The Paradox of Blogging

I am angry at the blogosphere.

I am angry that people don’t talk enough about the topics that need talking about, whilst simultaneously being angry that people are criticised for writing about makeup.

I am angry that Instagram is terrible for engagement and yet I think the whole idea of being angry about anything to do with Instagram is ridiculous.

I am angry that blogging ‘niches’ and ‘communities’ are often seen solely as a way to segregate whilst also feeling that they often only serve that very purpose.

I am angry that bloggers are criticised for liking marble, for posting flatlays and for having Instagram themes even when I would also love to see something different.

I am angry that blogging is saturated with similar post after similar post with some absolute diamonds in between, and yet creating entirely unique content is nigh on impossible.

I am confused why people feel the need to air their entire lives online but I also totally understand.

This was purely a jumble of my thoughts over the last few weeks regarding various blogger dramas and tweets I’ve seen and I’m really not sure of the purpose of it, but hey ho, what’s new there? The internet blurs a lot of lines and it can sometimes be difficult to get to the heart of what someone really means when they have to fit their thoughts in 140 characters or less. I’m angry that people sometimes say the wrong thing and I’m also angry that people are so quick to jump down others throats when they think they’ve done wrong. I suppose being angry about two different ends of the spectrum should cancel the anger out and means I should feel neutral about the whole situation thing but *insert shrugging girl emoji here*

Rachel x-x-x



    • rach
      October 1, 2017 / 8:06 pm

      Hahaha not at all! Just having lots of feelings hahah

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