Having An Affair With Creativity

Having An Affair With Creativity

The other day I was listening to Liz Gilbert’s incredible Magic Lessons podcast. If you haven’t listened to it before and you’re into all things creative then listen to it. The particular episode I’m writing about today was  Ep #7: Sexy, Dirty, Nasty, Wicked, where Liz tells an art teacher who’s in a creative rut to have an affair with creativity. She recommends that the art teacher take up a new creative hobby and do it in stolen time, when she’s not tied to other responsibilities, and to make sure that it’s something she’s doing for the love of creativity, rather than to put out to other people.

Normally I love Liz’s words of wisdom but I found myself rolling my eyes at this one. Having an affair with creativity sounded ludicrous to me, just a fluffy idea with no substance. But a few days later, the idea came back to me.

I’ve felt creatively stuck for a long time now. A while ago I wrote about getting into creative writing again, so that feels like some progress but I still felt like I was missing something in my creative life. And so I pondered over Liz’s words. After a year of putting my life online through my blog, doing something creative in secret felt a bit odd. To have something I can do just for me?  Doing something that doesn’t have to be perfect because I’m not showing it to anyway really appealed to me.

So I decided I was also going to have an affair with creativity. I chose a creative activity that I loved doing as a child and now I’m creating without the worry of making it ‘good enough’ or comparing myself to someone else online who does the same thing.

For me, I often find creative activities ‘pointless’ if I’m not showing them to someone else. I think it feels like wasted time, perhaps? So I’m attempting to combat this by creating art for art’s sake.

Maybe at some point I’ll share what I’m working on, on the blog but for now, it’s my secret affair.

Rachel x-x-x


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