Recent Reads #1

Recent Reads #1

I’ve toyed with writing monthly book posts for ages now but it’s not uncommon for me to read up to 6 books each month, leaving me a little overwhelmed when it comes to writing reviews for them. So instead here are 3 books I’ve enjoyed reading recently.

My Lovely Wife – Mark Lukach

I’ve read so many memoirs of mental illness, more than I could probably list but this book really stuck out to me. If reading this was difficult, revisiting these memories in order to write it must have been incredibly painful for Mark Lukach, who beautifully chronicles his marriage during his wife’s mental illness.

This wonderful book is in essence a love story, which looks at the realities of caring for a loved one with a mental illness and offers a glimmer of hope for anyone in a similar situation.

The Doll House –  Phoebe Morgan

I always love a thriller but what a book this turned out to be. I stormed through this in one weekend, feeling both desperate to get to the final page and not wanting it to end.

Corinne and her partner, Dominic are desperate to have a baby, but when pieces of her childhood doll house start turning up at her home, Corinne becomes terrified that she might be in danger.

Halfway through I had convinced myself that I knew exactly how it was going to end, then later realised how wrong I was. The characters were so well written, and felt so real. It’s the perfect no-fluff thriller for anyone who’s a fan of the genre.

Live Lagom – Anna Brones

Last year I was all over the Hygge hype. Then came Lagom and I fell in love all over again. This is the second Live Lagom book I’ve read and in all honesty, the content is similar, but I think that’s often the case with books based on a specific part of a culture or tradition. Lagom is the Swedish concept of living a balanced life, and Live Lagom offers practical advice on how to live a more balanced life whether in your work, health or relationships.

It’s also got a super cute cover, so it’s perfect as a coffee table book to get your friends talking.

What are your favourite recent reads?

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