Slowing Down

Slowing Down

Sometimes the world seems simply too big for me. Other times it seems miniscule. I feel like I bump into the same people, go to the same places, can’t get myself out of a rut, and then suddenly, faster than I can blink, the world is huge again. The amount of things to do in such a short space of time feel overwhelming. And time is racing.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Often we are quick to react. We get angry, upset or frustrated so much more easily than we are ever happy about a situation. But, I’ve found that the slower I take things, the more I enjoy life and the better I react to negative situations.

We’re always looking so far into the future for the next big thing that we forget to be present. Being present is something that scares me actually. I don’t like the thought that I might miss an opportunity by not planning far enough ahead. I’m scared that life will run away with me if I stop for a moment. But I know that it won’t. That thought it just fear. And, I know that if I just slow down everything will carry on the same way, and more likely, it will be even better because I’ll be present enough to enjoy myself.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and come to the conclusion that I really do want to slow down a bit, so here’s what I’m doing to help myself.

You can only control what you can control

This is probably the most important life lesson I’ve ever learned. There are so many things in life that I worry about and 90% of those are things that I have no control over. Life happens and the only control that you have most of the time is how you react to situations. Slow down and allow change to happen.

Work at your own pace

We all seem to be caught up in this panic that we must all have a stable career by 23, own a house by 25 and be on our way to 2.4 kids by 30. I want to stand on the rooftops and scream down that all of the above is a lie. Imagine how boring life would be if everyone did everything at the same pace? Work at your own pace, choose what’s important to you and focus on living YOUR best life, not the one you think you should be living.

Stop multi-tasking

I’ve found this really difficult. I can barely remember a time when I wasn’t a serial multi-tasker, but the older I’ve got, the more difficult it’s been to multi-task as well as I used to. So now I’m done with it. I need to slow down because my brain just cannot take doing a million things at once and honestly, I don’t think I want to. I want to focus on one thing at a time and give it my full attention.

Look after yourself

Finally, slowing down for me has meant looking after myself. It’s not rushed breakfasts on the way to uni, or living life at 100mph until I go to bed. It’s making time to relax, getting enough fruit and veg and sleeping for 8 hours a night. It’s not a myth. You can actually do all the things you want to do and still look after yourself!

Rachel x-x-x



  1. October 13, 2017 / 2:36 am

    Rachel, I absolutely love this post. I think because of not working I sometimes feel like I have to overcompensate and try and fit in all the ‘life’ that I can, without actually fully experiencing any of it. You’re so right about only being able to control what you actually can control, that’s a lesson I really need to learn!
    Your posts are always so thoughtful and full of excellent advice, they really are wonderful. x

    • rach
      October 14, 2017 / 8:08 am

      Thanks Beth. I’m such a control freak so I hate thinking that I can’t do anything about things but life becomes so much easier when you realise it!

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