Recent Reads #2

Recent Reads #2

The Secret Lives of Introverts | Jenn Grannerman

If a book has introvert in the title, then I’m in. A Myers-Briggs test once told me that I was 98% introvert so I always devour anything that can help me better learn how to work a world that often seems totally geared up for extroverts. I really enjoyed this book, and while the content is similar to that of numerous others books I’ve read on introverts, I particularly enjoyed Jenn’s writing style.

The Good Sister | Jess Ryder

I enjoyed this book but in all honesty, I read a few weeks ago and it was very much a run-of-the-mill thriller. A pet hate of mine is when the book cover says ‘twisty’ and it turns out that is in fact not very twisty at all. Good for a quick read but not one to sink your teeth into.

A Map For Wrecked Girls | Jessica Taylor

I’ve had this on my TBR list to read for ages but you know when you just put off starting a book and then never get round to it, this was it. So I started this book when I didn’t really want to and felt like it might be difficult to get myself through it. But, how wrong was I? I loved this!

Emma and her sister, Henri find themselves stranded on an island, with Alex as their only company. I loved the focus on the Emma and Henri’s relationship and the secrets that unravelled themselves as the book progressed. A Map For Wrecked Girls is a perfect book for anyone with a love for YA fiction.

What have you read recently? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. November 6, 2017 / 11:12 am

    Ooo, I haven’t heard of the book by Granneman! Like you, I have a sparked interest by anything that mentions Introvert somewhere on its covers too. I haven’t that many books about being introverted though, so may have to give this a go! xxx

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