A Love Letter to Baths

A Love Letter to Baths

Bathing used to be such a chore. As a child, I would dread the interruption that a bath caused. The time of evening when you knew the day was over and you had to pack your toys away, have a bath and go to bed. A bath signalled the end of playtime and I’m not sure that seven year old me really understood the satisfaction of a good soak.

My love affair with bathing began in my first year of university, when bathing was suddenly something that could only happen when I was at home. So every Christmas, Easter or odd weekend at home would involve a bath a day, as though I was soaking up all of those good bath feelings to carry me through the next term. But my heart still longed for a bath of my own.

Fast forward to last year, living with six other girls and a shared bathtub between the two of us living in the basement. It was cracked, it was dingy but it was a bathroom with a bath in it and I was in my element. My bath haven saw me through lonely living in a six-person house, finding my winter boots covered in mould and unwearable and a particularly hectic nursing placement. It also acted as a treat on the good days, the day I got 100% in my drug calculation exam, the end of previously mentioned nursing placement and many a bath when it was just me in the house, Katy Perry blaring through Spotify.

Having since moved from this house, I now have a nice, clean bath and living with just my boyfriend, I don’t feel the need to get away from everything quite so often. But baths are still my safe haven, the only place I go when things are getting on top of me.

How To Have The Perfect Bath:

  • Run the bath, really hot. You want it so warm that when you get in you’re not sure whether the water is hot or cold because your skin is confused. (Obviously don’t scold yourself, test it first).
  • Make it fun! Use bubblebath, Lush products, anything that’ll make it more exciting. Personally I’m a fan of bubbles but don’t like spending too much on bath products so I usually opt for something by Baylis & Harding.
  • Turn on Netflix, play some chilled music, take a book in to read or just enjoy the silence. This bath is YOUR time.
  • Once you’ve suitably soaked and your finger tips are going all crinkly, it’s time to return to reality, but not before you’ve moisturised. I used to be so lazy with moisturising and I hate the greasy feeling most of them leave on your hands, but Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is now my absolute go to. The scent lasts for ages and it’s one of the few body lotions that doesn’t make my skin itchy.

Are you a bath lover? Or do you hate the idea of ‘soaking in your own filth’? (delightful phrase there) Let me know in the comments!

Rachel x-x-x


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  1. November 9, 2017 / 9:55 pm

    I am SUCH a bath lover, but we only have a shower at home… I still mourn the day my parents decided to get rid of our bath for just a shower. Whenever I’m staying somewhere there is a bath, I make a point of getting a bath bomb so I can make the most of it now! My one aim for a place of my own, is that it has a bath in it – that’s it, haha. I have a little bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter somewhere and it smells DELICIOUS. I think I might try and dig it out now…!

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