Favourite Bloggers 2017 #1

Favourite Bloggers 2017 #1

2017 was my first full year in the blogging community and to mark this joyous occasion, I’m going to be sharing not one, not two but five posts of five of my favourite bloggers of the year. That’s 25 bloggers to add to your bookmarks so that you’re ready for their amazing 2018 content.

Let’s get down to business.

Twenty Something Meltdown

I don’t think I know a harder working blogger than Gwennan. Her content ranges from bullet journal posts, to long reads that I always find myself nodding along with, to printables that I always print out including her packing printable despite the fact I wasn’t going anywhere. Is this what being a fangirl is? If so, then I’ll happily wear the badge.

If you don’t already know, Gwennan also has a super cute Etsy shop because she’s incredibly talented so check that out.

I am so excited for Gwennan: 2018 and you should be too.

Fave 2017 post: This was hard because every time I see one of Gwennan’s posts, I retweet it with a ‘yaaaaas’ but, Are We Always Looking For The Next Fresh Start? is the one I went in search of when I was wracking my brains to think of what I’d enjoyed most this year.

Call Me Amy

Amy makes me love things I never knew I cared about. House renovations? Nah, boring. Amy writing about house renovations? Yep, I could read it all day. My favourite thing about Amy’s blog is the combination of fashion with serious topics, because I really don’t think many people could pull it off in the same way.

Fave 2017 post: After that rather heated debate in the blogosphere earlier this year, a lot of posts popped up around whether bloggers had a responsibility to talk about important issues and I love how Amy tackled a similar topic here in Does Being A Blogger Mean I’m Shallow?

Lauren Evie

Every single post of Lauren’s is golden. She has the most wonderful way with words and having met her in real life, I can confirm that she is just as beautiful inside and out as she appears on the internet.

She writes about everything from mental health to fashion and does it all so well.

Fave 2017 post: I couldn’t choose so I’ve cheated (on my own rules) and chosen two, Prescription Literature: Words For All Ailments and To The Friends I Couldn’t Hold On to.


Jemma was one of the first people I encountered when I started blogging. She’s so supportive of other bloggers and just a generally good egg.

I’m not a very creative person but Jemma really makes me want to try, even if that usually ends up with me throwing all the equipment down in a strop. As well as her blog, Jemma has a podcast and a shop where she sells the cutest illustrations and she just works so damn hard so go check that out right now (or just open it in a tab so you can finish this post).

Fave 2017 post: Listening To Your Heart because I think we could all do with a bit of motivation when we’re considering going down the less conventional path.

Natalie Leanne

love Natalie’s blog. Her posts always have that feel-good factor so you can’t help but feel more positive after reading one. I always find that I spend ages on Natalie’s blog because one post always leads to another and suddenly half an hour has passed. Natalie’s Instagram is also super pleasing. I swear just scrolling down her photos brings my heart rate down because everything seems so calm!

Natalie also has a Youtube channel which you should go check out now.

Fave 2017 post: I really love Natalie’s post on mindfulness and meditation but Meditation 101: How To Get Started is a great one if you’re not sure about whether it’s for you or just want to learn a bit more.

Get ready for another 5 of my favourite bloggers next week!

Rachel x-x-x


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