Studying At Christmas Time

Studying At Christmas Time

For the past seven Christmasses I’ve had uni assignments and revision galore, so believe me when I say that I know how tempting it is to sack the work off in favour of doing festive activities and spending time with your nearest and dearest. But sadly, that works needs doing and I’m always an advocate of the earlier the better. Here are some top tips for getting work done over the festive period.

Schedule, schedule, schedule

Yes this sounds so boring doesn’t it. But it’ll help you in the long run, I promise! Print off or draw yourself a calendar from the day you finish uni until the day you go back. Then cross through the days that you know you won’t be getting work done. Be realistic about this, you probably won’t get anything done between the 24th to at least the 28th and then you’ll likely need to block out a few days around New Year too.

Don’t burn yourself out

Christmas is a time for festivities, so don’t let looming deadlines mean you miss out on family fun. Work hard but take breaks. Don’t say no to seeing friends and family that you don’t see at other points in the year. Don’t decline party invitations because you could get some work done. Realistically if a party starts at 8pm, how much work would you get done that day anyway?

Find a space that’s your own

Christmas time means EVERYONE is back at home. Friends and family are suddenly everywhere and your house is probably quite noisy. Make sure there’s somewhere at home you can get your work done in a quiet space, because heaven knows, you won’t get anything done with Home Alone on in the background. As tempting as it is to want to sit in the same room as your family to take advantage of the short period in the year when you’re all together, you’re just not going to be as productive as you would be if you’ve got your own space.

If your home is too much of a noisy environment, look for local libraries you could go to.

Don’t panic

If you create a schedule that’s realistic to follow and you stay organised, you’ll  get work done and still be able to enjoy Christmas. Panic will only hinder you, so stay positive, work hard but have fun!

Rachel x-x-x


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