Favourite Bloggers 2017 #3

Favourite Bloggers 2017 #3

It’s time for 5 more of my favourite bloggers! Check out parts 1 and 2 here!

Vee Wilde

Vee is basically just really cool. She’s a fifth of the best Whatsapp group on the planet and posts are always really interesting and unlike much you see elsewhere in the blogosphere. I love how individual Vee is and her Instagram is total goals.

Fave Post of 2017:

Oh Where The Craft Would Take Me is my favourite of Vee’s post this year. I know nothing about Wiccan or witches so I love learning about it through Vee. This particular post was my favourite because I really want to visit more places in the UK next year so this gave me some inspiration.

Abbey Louisa Rose

There aren’t many people that I would happily have stay in my flat without ever having met them but I took the plunge with Abbey because she didn’t seem like a murderer and luckily I was right. Abbey is the most kind hearted, intelligent and hard working blogger. Everything Abbey writes is so well thought out and her posts are always so professional.

Fave Post of 2017:

On Being Unfashionable was my favourite post from Abbey this year. It really spoke to me, having never been into what was fashionable but still liking clothes. Also the photographs are the cutest!

Rebecca Moynihan

I met Rebecca for the first time in November last year and just under a year later we spent a weekend away in Edinburgh. Rebecca’s blog is incredibly relatable, always intelligent and has the most beautiful photography. Basically she’s just the best.

Fave Post of 2017:

Can I choose them all? No but seriously it’s so hard to choose my favourite of Rebecca’s posts because they’re just all so good. One of my favourites is Allowing yourself to be emotional because I totally understand the sentiment of this post and I think it’s really inspiring.

Sian Blogs

Sian is another incredibly kind and intelligent blogger that I love following. I met up with Sian last month and we ate burgers and milkshakes which was all kinds of wonderful. Sian’s blog is one of my favourites because it’s really unique. So many blogs feature long form posts and whilst I love that, I also love Sian’s shorter posts, like her photo diaries and 5 Rad Things series.

Fave Post of 2017:

I knew I had to pick one of Sian’s Trek America posts for this but choosing one was really hard. In the end, I’ve gone for Touring Las Vegas because the photos are phenomenal.

B, Rambling

I found Bethany through my good blogging pal Gwennan at Twenty Something Meltdown and I’m so glad I did. Bethany’s blog is a collection of think pieces, travel posts and beauty and I always immediately click on her posts when I see them on my timeline. B, Rambling is definitely one to watch in 2018!

Fave Post of 2017: 

Again there were so many posts to choose from but my favourite of Bethany’s this year is I Don’t Have Any Dreams because I’m so bad for wishing my life away, dreaming of what my life could be like in the future, without giving any thought to the now. This piece really drilled that home to me.

Rachel x-x-x


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