Revisiting Goals

Revisiting Goals

For the last however many years of my life, I’ve made ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions that I would never have been able to keep, like running a 10k with absolutely no real interest in running one, learning a new language (I think I’ll just stick to the 4 I already know) and visiting new countries (with no income).

In 2017 I didn’t make any specific resolutions, instead I chose some vague goals so let’s revisit them and see how I did, shall we? Click here to read my post “Resolving To Be Happy.”

2017’s resolutions were the following:

  • Challenge myself
  • Go to the gym
  • Write a diary
  • Be a nicer person

Challenge Myself

I’m giving myself a huge pat on the back for this. I gave presentations, went to blog events, made new friends and joined the gym. I’ve challenged myself a lot this year and I’m so much more confident for it.

Go To The Gym

The start of the year didn’t go well for this goal but I joined the gym in July and haven’t looked back since. I’ve even been to classes (a concept which fills me with dread) and they weren’t as bad as I was expecting. I’ve really loved the gym as a way to relax and get out of my head, especially after busy placement days and I hope this goal carries well into 2018. Also doing that wedding thing so got to look fit!

Write A Diary

Maybe the less said about this one, the better? I did not keep this resolution at all. I wrote sporadically across the year, trying to fill my diary in with the months it had missed out on. But I generally only went to it when I wanted to vent, so it’s basically a book filled with angry paragraphs. I’d love to make this a more regular activity but I don’t really enjoy it that much and I tend to reflect a lot as it is, without writing things down. Maybe next year I could try a weekly diary entry as a compromise?

Be A Nicer Person

This year I’ve been a lot more mindful about my interactions with people. I’ve worked hard on being less jealous, being more empathetic and reaching out to people more. Over the past year I’ve really let go of some of the grudges I’ve been holding for too long and things feel so much better without them.

Overall, I think I’ve stuck to my 2017 goals reasonably well so let’s hope 2018 is just as successful!

Rachel x-x-x



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