Going With Your Gut

Going With Your Gut

I’ve always been a questioner. Whilst I’m reasonably good with decisions, big and small, I often ask myself whether I’m following my head or heart.

My heart has made some excellent decisions in the past. It has taken me out of my comfort zone, pushed me to become better and helped make some of my more emotional decisions.

And just as much as my heart, my head has also helped me get where I am today. It’s often been the voice of reason when I’ve wanted to jump into something too quickly, or helped me figure out exactly what it is I’ve wanted.

But recently I’ve been thinking about the head vs heart argument. Although I don’t usually have a problem with making decisions, the issue comes afterwards. The anxiety around my choice stays with me long after the fact. My decisions keep me awake at night with that laughing voice most of us know too well. “You’ve made the wrong decision, you’ll regret this,” or “Imagine where you’d be if you took that opportunity.”

The constant conflict between my head and heart is often tiring. I so badly want to follow my dreams but often my head makes the final decision, and usually I end up not taking risks that I really should have. So my goal now, is to go with my gut.

Gut feels are based on intuition. But surely intuition can’t solve the after effects of decision-making. Can it?

I don’t know, but I’m going to try it. If I go with my gut then I’ll more than likely stick to my principles and keep both my head and my heart happy. I trust my gut (I think) and I’m ready to take some risks in 2018.

Rachel x-x-x



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