Spring Cleaning My Life

Spring Cleaning My Life

In spite of the bitter cold and gloomy mornings, January is one of my favourite times of year. I love a fresh start and I love preparing for that fresh start in December. Organisation is my thing, truly nothing fills me with the same kind of happiness as a brand new notebook, filled with plans and goals for the future. December is the perfect time to give your life a spring clean and get into action ready for the new year.

Start Early

Starting before January 1st will really help to get ready for the start of January. The last thing you want is a panicked few hours filling in your new diary on December 31st. Make a list of any deadlines, birthdays or other events that you know are coming up in the next year so that they’re all ready to put in your planner. Then fold pages or stick post-its in the info in your current diary that will need transferring over.

Choose A Planner

Choosing a new planner is a big deal. Do you stick with your old friend from last year (mine was a blank Leuchtturm 1917) or do you get risky and try a new format? Maybe you’re going digital? Whatever your decision, find something that suits your needs and won’t take you ages to set up. Simplicity is key.

Have A Clear Out

As well as being a great time to make resolutions and get organised, the end of the year is a perfect time to give your living space a bit of a tidy. After Christmas, spend some time getting rid of things you don’t need anymore, tidying up your drawers and creating a living space that will maximise both productivity and comfort for the coming year.

Set Goals

This is my favourite part of the end of the year. Setting goals helps to keep you on track and to see how you progress through the year. Whether you’re making resolutions, monthly or weekly goals, make sure you write these down so you don’t forget them! I like to set a page of my planner aside to create goals for myself that I can refer to at the start of every month and then set myself smaller monthly goals as well. Your goals should be as specific as possible so that you’re more likely to reach them and make them attainable so that you’re not aiming for something that’s just not possible for you yet.

What are your tips for getting ready for the new year? Let me know in the comments!

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