Life For Sale: Are You Buying?

Do you ever get those bursts of inspiration to write a post but can’t articulate what you want to say at all? I’ve written and rewritten this post so many times but hopefully you’ll understand where I’m going with it!


As a blogger it’s not uncommon to receive emails from companies asking you to promote one of their products, sometimes for something in return or sometimes for nothing. I’m well aware that brand deals are a big part of blogging and something that many people strive for, and also that pay the bills! And, I have a few posts on my blog that are brand deals but I would never promote something that I didn’t believe in.

Something I feel really strongly about though, is that I wouldn’t ever want anyone to read my blog and think that they have to have something I have in order to live the life that I’m living (or more realistically, that they perceive that I’m living). From a quick look at my blog or Instagram account, you might think that I spend all of my life with my boyfriend in coffee shops, reading books and blogging. From my online presence, it could look like I’m living the high life. In reality, I spend 40 hours a week on my nursing placements, blog in my few spare moments and only see my boyfriend at weekends. So sometimes it feels like I’m ‘advertising’ a false life.

Except, I’m not advertising anything. I’m not trying to sell my life to anyone. I’m just trying to capture the nice moments for myself and to share with others. But brands are using people like us, bloggers, ‘influencers’ to sell a lifestyle. And nowadays, there seems to be a common misconception that if we buy certain products we can live the lives we associate them with. We are made to feel empty without these products, as though having them in our lives will fill that gaping hole.

That Marc Jacobs bag will replace your lack of a relationship, the Olivia Burton watch will fix your self esteem. We’re told time and time again that owning these items will fulfil us. We too will be beautiful and successful if we can just own these products that are advertised to us.

Except, we’re trying to fill a hole that cannot be filled. That hole does not exist unless we allow it to. If you like the bag, buy the bag, but be warned, it won’t make you happier.

Rachel x-x-x