Blogvember Day 9 // Digital Detox For Sanity’s Sake

We spend our lives on the internet. That’s why on days like today, the 9th November, the day that Donald Trump has become President of the United States, it can feel overwhelming. Sometimes a digital detox is the answer.

I aim to keep my Twitter feed and this blog as positive as I can even when the issues I’m writing about aren’t all that positive. And when I have nothing positive to add then I usually stay quiet as that is just my nature.

Today my Twitter timeline has been filled with anger and sadness and negativity, all of which are completely valid. But I’ve also seen a lot of distress caused by social media.

This morning I woke up at 7.20. The result hadn’t been finalised yet but it was already clear that Donald Trump had won. My alarm wasn’t going to go off for another but instead of going back to sleep I sifted through so many Facebook and Twitter posts, all angry about the election result. By the time my alarm went off at 8.30, I was also angry and sad. But I was a million times more angry and more sad after reading through my social media.

As wonderful as it is that social media has the power to unite people and to make changes, it’s not always the best for our mental health.

  • Try keeping your internet hours to a minimum on days like today – It’s really easy to get overwhelmed.
  • Twitter has a mute button, use that if it helps.
  • Wait a minute before reacting to tweets and Facebook statuses.

Rachel x-x-x


How Muting My Notifications Improved My Life

Are you one of those people whose phone goes off a million times a day with *insert social media app here* notifications of things you don’t really care about?

Is Runkeeper telling you that Dan just ran 10 miles reminding you that you haven’t actually been to the gym in weeks? Is Candy Crush saying it misses you so that you feel bad and spend your afternoon playing that instead of writing that uni assignment?

About 3 months ago I decided I was only going to ‘mindfully’ log into my phone apps. And it has made such a difference to my life.

Here are the simple steps I took:

  1. Decide what you actually do want notifications for.
  2. Turn off everything else.

No thanks Timehop, I don’t need reminding of that horrific 2008 fringe.

How is this going to help me? 

  1. Firstly, it’s a great opportunity to clear your apps. I had loads on there that I just don’t use so when I went through to turn my notifications off I was able to read rid of all the ones that were taking up precious Spotify space.
  2. It’s much nicer to be able to look at your apps on your terms. If you’re busy you won’t have that notification nagging you that your mum shared an embarrassing link to your Facebook.
  3. I used to be a big FOMO girl and I was worried I would miss something if I wasn’t attached to my phone or constantly scrolling through my whatsapp notifications but now I’m much more chill. I can check out my social media on my breaks and be much more productive in the meantime.

Maybe you already do this but for me, muting phone notifications has been a godsend. Going on my phone to look through notifications no longer feels like a chore. And what’s more, I’m finally not worried about missing out on anything. I’ll live my social media life on my own terms!

Rachel x-x-x